About us

We are a young company but we grew fast, thanks to the support of all our valuable cutomers.

Siddhi Solar Technologies is a startup company founded in year 2018 at Ponnur, Guntur dist.

We also have our presence in major cities like Visakhapatnam, Rajahmundry,  Vijayawada, Kurnool, Anantapur, Puttaparthi, Nellore, Tirupati, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai.

Our aim is to generate energy for the future.

Our primary source of energy is nature unlimited solar energy which can be converted into electrical energy and can also makes difference in people’s lives.

We provide Solar PV system solutions for Residential, Institutional, Commercial, Industrial, Social sector and power plants. We are solar PV designers, developers, system integrators, energy and service providers, verification and validation operation and maintenance engineers.

We are a team of engineers with vast experience in field of Solar, Thermal, Mechanical, Civil, Electrical and Electronics, we provide Solar PV system with a reasonable price, we provide the product / service quicker than competitors.

we create awareness among customers to become first choice in mind, we keep team enthusiastic to provide experience of best choice company in industry and known for its services to customers.

Our Invocation & Philosophy :
I Salute the Great Sun God for his Divine Grace. The Sun will rise and set regardless, what we choose to do with the Light while its here is up to us.

Our Mission :
Our Mission at Siddhi Solar Technologies is to equip our customers with the latest technology required to efficiently Convert, Harness, Use & Save the Solar energy for their electricity usage which would there by enhance not only their savings on the Rupee but also help mankind by reducing pollution, conserving energy and our natural resources.

Our Vision :
To emerge as a leading player in India by providing innovative solutions to efficiently Harness, Convert and Substitute Sustainable Solar Energy by utilizing latest technology responsibly.

Our Values :

People – Equip People for a better living.
Power – Harness & Substitute Solar Power using Latest Technology without impacting Natural Resources.
Place – Partnering with our Customers, Stakeholders and Government to provide tailor made solutions through trust where ever we operate.
Price – To provide the sustainable solutions to Solar Energy at the most competitive prices in the Industry.

Why us

Competitive price
Works with quality manufacturers only
Time commitment
On call support
Provides clear documentation
Monthly monitoring system
Experienced team of engineers

Solar in 5 easy steps

Benefits of using Solar PV system

India is gifted with ample solar radiation. The country receives solar radiation approximately more than 13Trillion kWh/day, which is far more than its total annual energy requirement, The radiation available in the form of light and heat and could be utilized for photovoltaic and thermal applications.

Using solar photovoltaic technologies, there are some devices/ systems such as solar power plants, roof top SPV systems, solar pumps, solar power packs, solar street lights, solar home systems, solar lanterns which could be useful both in rural and urban areas for the purpose of reducing burden on conventional fuels.

Solar thermal technologies have already found ready acceptance for a variety of decentralized applications in domestic, industrial and commercial sectors of the country. The most widely acceptable application is the solar water heating technology. However, solar steam generating and air heating technologies and energy efficient solar buildings are also attracting attention in urban and industrial areas.