Solar just got Simple.

We provide Solar PV system solutions for

Power Plants
Social Sectors

We are solar PV designers, developers, system integrators, energy and service providers, verification, validation, operation and maintenance engineers

We are a team of engineers with vast experience in field of Solar, Thermal, Civil, Mechanical, Electrical and Electronics.

Our Solar Expertise.

Access integrations and new features in a matter of seconds

Our Solar Expertise.

Access integrations and new features in a matter of seconds

Our solar Related Services.

Monitoring services

With the help of inverter we monitor the performance of solar PV system and will update the customer the power generated by the solar PV system, units used by house...

Shadow Analysis

It helps us to understand the where the Solar panel can be mounted and what are the obstacles around our building that can prevent us from maximum Solar PV system performance during various times in a day / month...

Technical feasibility Analysis

Our team never give up even it is said not feasible. With our expertise we analyze various scenarios and provide a technical feasible solution which can satisfy our customer needs...

Creating 3D models

We create 3D models, Drawings, Schematics so that our customer understand how the solar PV system works and these documents can be used as reference throughout its life time...

About Us

Siddhi Solar Technologies is a start up company founded in year 2018 at Ponnur, Guntur dist. Our aim is to generate energy for the future. Our primary source of energy is nature unlimited Solar energy which can be converted into electrical energy and also makes difference in peoples lives. We provide Solar PV system solutions for Residential, Institutional, Commercial, Industrial, Social sector and power plants..

1.Discom Application Process
2.Subsidy Application Process
3.Subsidy Disbursement process
7 Gross-metering
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